Sunday, March 22, 2015

Its a girl!

Before I had my miscarriage in November my mom and I talked about possible girl names in case I was having a girl. I suggested either Marigold or Magnolia since my moms name is Maggie and my great grandmothers name was Goldie. She fell in love with Magnolia and we were grateful since that name was on the top of our list. I had my miscarriage in November and it was hard, incredibly hard. Scott and I have been wanting and praying for a baby for so long. I was worried that maybe his medical problems were the reason why we couldn't get pregnant for such a long time. Then in January after a week of feeling queasy I took a pregnancy test. My heart fell to the floor because after a few seconds only one line showed up. I placed it on the counter and walked away. A few days later I was putting on DoTerra oils and the pregnancy test that I absentmindedly left on the counter caught my eye. I was thinking "No WAY! I see TWO lines!!!!" I started to cry and I called up Scott, my sister Rhonda, my brother Tim and my mom. I took a few more tests and sure enough I was pregnant.

14.5 weeks
This pregnancy felt different from the beginning. With Judah I didn't know I was pregnant for over a month. This one I felt very sick from the beginning. I was throwing up everywhere. Judah would tell the people we would speak to at Wegmans "the baby might make my mommy throw up again today!". I haven't been to Wegmans once during this pregnancy with out throwing up in the parking lot. I would call my mom and ask her "did you feel this way with any of us" and she would laugh her deep laugh, the one that I can just see the tears in her eyes and she would say "yes, with YOU! I know you are having a girl". This was my moms hope and what made her laugh, the idea that I was going to have a girl. She kept talking about baby Magnolia and would share stories about when she was pregnant with me. We were originally told I was due on 9/11 so she planned on coming up for the entire month of September to celebrate her birthday and spend time with her grand babies. My mom passed away on February 9th. It was unexpected and it is a painful loss. I saw my midwife a week after we got back from Houston/Louisiana and she told me that they moved my due date back, that I am actually due on September 17th. I cried because that's my moms birthday. Oh how I wanted to just call her up and hear her deep laugh that made her get tears in her eyes when I told her that her grand baby might share the same birthday as her. We ended up getting the DNA blood testing and a few days later I found out that I am having a baby girl, they gave me a sonogram and confirmed. We laughed and we cried and we laughed some more. My mom was right. I am having a girl and her name is Magnolia Mae Judkins.

Judah and Scott are both over the moon. Scott will get all mushy and talk to my belly and then Judah will say "no daddy! Only I can talk to baby Magnolia and give her kisses" then he will run up and kiss my belly and tell Magnolia how much he loves her. My heart may be grieving my mom, but my heart is so full with this sweet little blessing. We are so grateful for The Lords tender heart towards us during this season. 

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