Tuesday, December 3, 2013

sharing Joy

You could try to encourage someone with the best material gift in the world or the most meaningful words that are spoken from the heart. But the feeling from hearing those words and receiving that amazing material gift will only last for so long. After awhile you will still feel that hole in your heart that you thought you could fill with other things. You can't fill it and it seems to get deeper and deeper. The only thing I can truly encourage someone with is how I was able to fill that hole in my heart. I was only able to do that by trusting in Jesus Christ. Turning to what he says about me when I feel like all is lost, when I feel hopeless, when I feel like giving up. For advent I am attempting to crochet a Joy banner to hand out everyday to a stranger for 25 days. I am also mailing some out to some family and friends who have really been on my heart. 

December 1st.
I had Judah walk up to a lady who was sitting by herself at Immanuel Bible Church and hand her this note with the crochet Joy banner. 

December 2nd
Judah and I brought in some Duncan Donuts to our postal worker friends. We gave Richard a banner to hang up in the post office to encourage everyone who is standing in that long line for the month of December. 

December 3rd
We delivered homemade chicken and dumplings and a joy banner to our elderly neighbor Lorraine. 

As long as my hands are working I am going to try to give out as many Joy banners as possible this December. I also mailed out 12 and we gave one to the Fire Station last week.

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