Monday, November 4, 2013

thankful tree

Judah has really picked up on how to encourage others. He recently started telling strangers "turn that frown upside down and SMILE!".  Although my little guy is a great encourager I think I taught him a sense of entitlement of having a new matchbox car every single time we go to Target or Walmart. I know this sense of entitlement is caused by Scott and myself wanting to give Judah a matchbox car and after getting one almost weekly Judah thinks he deserves one. They are less than a dollar, we love seeing him walk around with pockets stuffed full of them and it is so cute hearing his tiny voice play pretend with his tiny cars and trucks. But my sweet little boy will turn into a toddler monster at Target when we wont buy him a matchbox. I'm embarrassed to say I haven't taught my son about gratitude and being thankful for what he has. For the month of November I decided to make a thankful tree with Judah.  Each day I will ask him what he is thankful for, write it on the back of his handprinted leaf and hang it on the tree. I put the date on the back of the leaves so I can keep them in his little art box. Of course his first day he was thankful for "trucks". 

The branches are a little bare now but in a few weeks it will be full of what a toddler boy is most grateful for. I also hope that Scott and I are strong enough to break our cycle of always buying our son a matchbox car and instead focus on teaching him how to be thankful for what he already has. 

1 Chronicles 29:13 (NASB)
Now therefore, our God, we thank You and praise Your glorious name

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