Monday, September 16, 2013

Judahs favorite library books

I've taken a step away from blogging for a few weeks. Dealing with some personal heartaches and trying to focus on the blessings that are in my life right now. This morning we finally made a trip to the library. I feel like I've been renewing our books online for awhile. Just like everything in life when you find something good its hard to let it go. Judahs recent favorite books are listed below. 

Judah loves this book! No fits, Nilson teaches my son how to work through frustrations that he may have through out the day. When Nilson has a fit and screams "ROAR" his sidekick Amelia helps him calm down and work it out. Whether Nilson is frustrated from standing in line at the post office (this happens with us weekly) or if he gets hungry and upset over seeing another child eating something that he wants. The illustrations are great and I know Judah got the message because I was frustrated at grocery store the other day when they sold out of this one ingredient I needed for dinner and he said "no fits, mommy!".
Growing up as a military brat we lived all over the United States and Europe. One of my most fearful memories was being scared of a "tornado". Once the warnings popped up on TV where we lived (Kansas or Florida) I would sleep in the bathtub for the night. I didn't understand storms and all I knew about tornados were from the aftermath images on TV. Looking at these images and not being able to fully understand how a tornado happened scared me as a child. I like this book because I am able to walk through with Judah what a tornado is. The images are not as scary as the ones on the news and I am able to show him what people do when a huge storm (with possibly a tornado warning) happens. This book did no give Judah nightmares, he requested to read it before nap and bed time.
We always check out the different versions of Goldilocks and the three bears and I can honestly say this one is by far my favorite. The story is very endearing (I actually cried) and charming.

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