Tuesday, September 17, 2013


For a few months I've been talking to my husband, sister and a handful of friends about the possibility of either closing down my shop for a long period of time or that I should stop taking custom orders for a season. The struggle is my desire to crochet items to encourage others and yet being able to pay for yarn and shipping. 

Since this holiday season will be filled with my sisters and step mom coming to my home for the first time ever to celebrate Thanksgiving, Judah's birthday, getting involved with mom groups, nurturing the relationships I've made at my church, really digging into the bible study I've joined and  fingers crossed and lots of prayer Scott and I would like to have another baby soon. All this while trying to be the best mom I can be to Judah and wife to Scott. I didn't want to add the stress of deadlines to my already busy schedule. 

In my free time when I get to crochet I have found that I want to have the freedom to crochet what I want. If I feel inspired to crochet a banner, hat or cowl that I might think would uplift someones spirits then I don't want to feel pressured with a stack of pending custom orders. I love crocheting custom orders. Right now, in the season that I am in, I truly want to focus on encouraging others and I feel slightly anxious just thinking about crocheting custom orders during the holiday season. Anxiety and baby making do not go hand in hand. 

After praying about all of this, I really felt that the Lord wanted me to stop taking custom orders. That He wanted me to focus on others things, like encouraging people. That encouraging others literally makes your heart and soul happy and that other things will fall into place because I wont be carrying around the anxiety of custom orders. So from now until 2014 I wont be taking any custom orders. I will be stocking my shop for the holiday season and using my free time to really focus on who I can encourage with a banner, cowl, hat or ear-warmer. I want to see where the Lord will lead my heart in this.

If you have already placed a paid custom order with me do not fret I will complete it in the time I gave you. 

Thank you for walking alongside us in this encouraging others journey. Im really excited to see how the Lord is going to use the crochet items to encourage some hearts this holiday season.


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