Monday, August 26, 2013

what you can do in 30 days

I barely blogged this month. Instead I focused on crocheting as many things as possible to provide encouragement to complete strangers on social media. My heart was filled with so much joy in seeing people reply to a hurt, a need or a prayer request. Watching others pour out their words to mend a broken heart or a battered spirit. Unconditional words of hope, affirmation and just letting people know that they are not alone. 

I was not the captain of this ship. Those who encouraged others are. I didn't comment at all so it wasn't me. It was you who steered this ship. You made a difference in a strangers life. You gave them hope. 

I wanted to thank you for participating in this extra yarn encouragement with me this past month. Not only did you change the life of those you encouraged, but you changed my life by watching you unconditionally reach out to others in love. 

lamb hat, three teddy bear hats, five granny square ear-warmers,  IG Giveaway (5 hats), Wegmans Employee (crochet ring), VA Beach Ladies (two crochet rings), IG Giveaway (20 crochet rings), Anchor banner, Family Banner, Rad Banner, Facebook Giveaway (3 hats)

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  1. You are so inspiring! What an amazing way to help others with your beautiful gift!


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