Tuesday, August 6, 2013

to encourage and be encouraged

It takes courage to encourage. It takes a fearlessness to step out and ask someone if you can mail them something encouraging. It takes bravery to comment and hope that the words you compose will speak directly to the recipients heart. Its even heroic when someone gives another person hope. Hope it is a lifeline. This is not what I think of myself, but these are the words I think of when I see others encouraging people around them. When I read comments of people connecting to those in need of hope. Giving another human being hope is affirming that they are not alone, that someone is thinking about them, or praying. That they are not isolated.

Have you ever felt isolated? I have. Isolation can creep into the hidden parts of your heart and like a sponge will expand. It will try to choke out any hope.

Just a few words of hope. A smile. Letting someone in line ahead of you. A letter. Waving to a stranger or paying for their drink. Words and actions of encouragement can change a life. Encouragement can tear apart that decaying sponge of isolation. Encouragement will shine a light into the deepest parts of your soul.

This is why I love to encourage. It is why I want to motivate people to encourage others around them. Even if I am giving something away to "encourage" them to speak words of hope into someones life. This week you have an opportunity to change a life. To change many lives. Im giving away a handful of hats on my facebook page. Go to this picture and encourage someone today and let me know how you or someone else may need some encouragement.

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  1. I find myself trying to do more "good deeds" throughout my days because of your encouragement. I let people go ahead of me in line or I find myself saying hello to strangers more often then I normally would,etc. Thank you :)

  2. I started to approach life with more random acts of kindness 2 years ago. I felt the amazing feeling of being encouraged by others during a hard time of recovery. I started to intentionally do more RAKs for others. It feels amazing.

    Reading your posts regularly reminds me why it is such a good thing to do. I get so inspired.

    Thank you for sharing.


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