Thursday, August 15, 2013

taking my toddlers advice

Today I've come to realize that Judah is a spirited child. That I will probably be spending extra time in his toddler years teaching him that he should not run towards the road, that he should listen when I first ask him to do something and that getting excited and throwing your truck in the air is not a good thing because it could hit someone in the head.

These lessons are not fun. They are not fun for Judah and they are not fun for me. I sometimes feel like I am repeating myself so many times through out the day that I forgot to have my very own thoughts on things. That my mind is jumbled with "do not throw your truck" "Come here" and "Do not run into the road". I feel like I have become the mommy robot of "no's".

After leaving the play group today we headed over to Target to grab some necessities we needed for the home. Bone weary, walking through the aisles Judah grabs my hands and screams "Mommy YOU are amazing! You are beautiful and I LOVE you!!" I looked at him. His fidgety toddler body squirming in the cart to reach over and pull me down for a hug. In that moment I thought I should take Judah's advice.  Maybe I've been allowing my brain to be taken over by my "no's" and I haven't been listening to the messages my toddler is trying to give me.

The other day Judah made this video for IG. In it he says 
"What defines us is how well we rise after we fall. You are strong. You are beautiful. Hold on and kick some but"

what defines us from Jessica Judkins on Vimeo.

How am I responding to a bad day?
How do I respond when I feel like I've taken an emotional hit from someone?
Am I believing that I am a strong person?
Do I see myself the way my sons sees me....beautiful?
Am I getting up and kicking but with my crochet business?
Do I love others boldly and serve them passionately?
Do I bravely reach out to encourage someone who looks bone tired and discouraged? 

Judah is a toddler. He could be having the worst day in the world one second and the next be the happiest kid on the block because he saw a butterfly on our path. He doesn't care if he is awkward, what he is wearing or if someone was upset at him a few seconds ago. He will still love boldly and run up to hug his friend. When ever someone looks sad, Judah will stop what ever he is doing and encourage that person. Even if its his mama who feels discouraged from disciplining him all morning. 

My sons spirited soul convicts my heart to the core. I believe The Lord made him spirited so I am able to see what it looks like to love courageously. The Lord is teaching my heart to pause, take in the joy of my son spirit and really listen to how he is loving others around him.  He is teaching me that I am missing out on a whole bunch of encouragement by focusing on my "no's".

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  1. Hey just found your blog, and I'm following you now through Bloglovin'. Can I first say that your son is the best? Wow. Spirited is right. Love it!
    This is a great post - I admire your perspective and your ability to see the positive and learn from what must be a constant challenge. I love how our kids can teach us so much if we just stop and look for it.
    God bless!

  2. Hi from New Zealand. My kid and I watched Judah's video 4 times before school today. My kiddos thought he was the cutest.

    Thanks for the kind message.

  3. Jessica, I like your blog and loved it on

  4. I too catch myself after a string of "no" and "don't" and "stop". I often wonder if I'm being too negative. I don't want my daughter to look back on her childhood with sadness or regret. I want to be a fun mom, but I also want to be a safe mom. Here's to hoping for a happy medium.


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