Monday, August 5, 2013

fighting dragons

You know how some Mondays just really feel like Mondays. The type that you find yourself fighting dragons all day long, putting out fires and trying to accomplish anything with out getting burned. I felt like that this morning. I was on the fence about going to a MOPS play date at the church. In my stomach I felt this fear and apprehension of meeting other Christian moms in a big play date setting. My mind was starting to fill up with thoughts of not being accepted, fitting in and that I would want to leave as soon as I got there with a screaming toddler at hand. But Judah kept asking for his friends and I thought "I'm going to fight this dragon of fear and attend this play group! I know that The Lord has provided the perfect moms to be in my life right now and they are just as excited to see me as I am to see them". I felt like I was fighting dragons while I was trying to get Judah out of the house in time for the play date. Pleading with Judah to eat his breakfast, searching for his cloths that I had already laid for him, getting his snacks ready, stopping him from drinking water out of the fish tank and grabbing one of my flower vases just as he downed the dirty flower water. Then as I was running down the stairs I tripped and twisted my ankle over his fireman boot. When I thought we could finally leave the house Judah surprised me with a huge dirty diaper explosion. All morning long I was at battle with the dragons, fighting over their words of worry, unbelief and discouragement and trying to not give up. 

Finally when we were driving over to the church I looked up at the gorgeous fluffy clouds in the sky and said to Judah "look at the dragons!". The clouds all resembled dragons going into battle, some of them ready to attack with their ferocious jaws open wide and others were sliced apart and scattered across the sky from losing their battles. Then I thought, I may have some battle wounds from this morning, my ankle is a little sore and my house is a mess from wrangling up Judah. But I decided to take on my fears and to fight the dragons of lies. We ended up having a great time at the play date, hung out with some friends, made new ones and Judah with the encouragement of one of his friends climbed up a ladder to the tallest slide all by himself. 

We both conquered some dragons this morning. Next time we hear the dragon of discouragement we will both be able to recall upon our successful battle of this morning and know that we can take up our swords and chop his lying head off.  We will never know how amazing friendships can be unless we take that step outside of our comfort zone, even if its stepping into a huge unknown play group at the church.

Ephesians 6:10 (NASB)
finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might

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  1. What a beautiful post! 'the hardest battles are given to the strongest soldiers' x

  2. Good job!! You are a great mom, and a great role model for your beautiful son.

  3. good job pressing through and allowing His strength to carry you through. awesome!

  4. Ah yes... my son is only 1 and I am just learning how to fight those dragons. Thank you for your words.


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