Sunday, July 21, 2013

closing the shop to encourage others with my extra yarn

A few weeks ago I checked out this children's book "Extra Yarn". Its all about a girl who finds a box of extra yarn that never runs out. Instead of knitting things for profit or even selling the box of unending yarn for ten million dollars, she knits to encourage people. She knits to make this world a beautiful and more colorful place. Night after night I would read this book to Judah and he would point to the little girl with the heart as big as her bottomless box of yarn and say "that's mommy!". My eyes would well up and I would choke out the last sentences of the book until I tucked him in. Judah's innocent words really struck a chord in my heart and I started thinking that I wanted to do what that girl is doing. I want to encourage people with things I crochet with yarn. The thought of closing down my shop for the soul purpose of encouraging others has been tugging at my heart for weeks. 

Starting on Thursday July 25th I am closing down my shop for a month. During this time I am going to  crochet banners, hats, cowls and rings to give away to people. I'll be posting many of these giveaways on IG or my Facebook page

I believe we all have enough love and encouragement to go around, all we have to do is take that step out of our comfort zone and share it. I think we would be surprised at how much a tiny act or word of encouragement can change the world. 

I will be offering 20% off whatever is currently listed in my shop until I close on Thursday. Please use the code: encouragement 

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