Monday, June 10, 2013

something good comes out of imperfection

Traditions with my son is very important to me and since its Judahs half birthday today I wanted to make this morning a special "mommy and Judah date" to celebrate. I dressed him up in his favorite suspenders and vintage bow tie then drove him over to Fairfax corners to get him a cupcake. I even taught him to go around singing "a very merry unbirthday to ME, TO ME!". He was a little ball of happy energy, smiling and waving at each person who walked by and telling them that they have nice shoes (he has a shoe obsession).

When we got Judah's cupcake he was so excited and was jumping up and down and singing to a group of girls outside the shop. When all of a sudden his cupcake toppled out of the box and landed on the sidewalk. He said "Ohhh nooo" and looked like he was about to cry. I told him it was okay that I can take the top part of the frosting off when one of the girls said "I'll switch cupcakes with him" I looked over to see if she was serious. She had bought the same exact "red velvet" cupcake and she said that she wasn't going to eat the frosting. My eyes welled up with tears and I said "You really would switch with him? You don't mind?" and she said not at all. I told her that was one of the kindest and most encouraging things someone has done for us today and explained to her how we try to encourage it forward and asked if I could take a picture of her and Judah. So if anyone reading this recognizes the girl tell her to stop by the blog so I can say a thank you! She made our day.

We walked around the shops for a bit and then headed over to the mall down the street before it started pouring outside. I let Judah run around the play area, took him to lunch and let him walk the mall until he was to tired to take another step. Afterwards I took him to Target and let him pick out a mini crane.

When we finally got home for his pre nap time routine of reading books I knew I wore him out. 

I think I've been thinking a lot about my imperfection. I'm always always thinking about it. How I can never measure up, how I am not good enough and how I tend to shy away from things or even people because I don't feel that I would make a good enough friend or that I am a good enough person. Its nothing particular that I've done or will do, I just tend to really not like myself sometimes. I think that is why I love to encourage people so much. You never know how deeply your encouragement will touch their life.  As I was driving Judah home I started crying. He was asking me to play our "best friend song" (best friend by queen) and I realized that in my imperfection, something good came out of it.
 Judah is my good that came out of my imperfect mess. 

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  1. OMG, he is so cute!!! And how awesome is that girl for switching cupcakes?

  2. Sweet post, I love that the girl switched cupcakes. We don't know what little things we do that can mean so much to someone else. Good reminder!


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