Thursday, June 6, 2013

Judahs weekly library reads

I've heard about toddlers getting into a pirate, superman or fireman phase and wearing their costumes all over the place. I never expected Judah to be in a monkey phase. He wants to wear this semi scary mask everywhere, including the library! 

This week I realized that I have to really read through the books I check out for him at the library. I innocently picked up "The Story of Babar" thinking its a common story and that Judah should enjoy it. I didn't realize until I was reading the page to Judah that a hunter kills Babars mother. I quickly made something up and put the book aside. He also didn't care for the "What can a crane pick up" book. The illustrations are great but Scott and I were having difficulty reading this book to Judah. The author is all over the place and the writing doesn't flow very well. We found ourselves stressed out trying to read it to Judah. I believe it could have been a very fun book to read nightly to Judah if it was written better. 

The books he requested us to read to him several times a day are.

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This warm and delightful book is the perfect length for a toddler's bedtime book reading routine. Judah can relate to Woolly the little lambs frustration in wondering who will tuck him in at night. He loves looking at the colorful illustration's of each animal making a valiant effort in trying to tuck in Woolly but it not being just right. Finally Mother Sheep appears and makes everything just right for Woolly's bedtime. Judah's favorite part of the book is at the end when Mother Sheep is knitting on Woolly's bed and singing him to sleep. He thinks she is crocheting just like his mama and he holds my arm tight when I finish reading the book to him.

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

Warning this book will have your toddler laughing out loud! We have checked this book out three different times from the library and will probably end up purchasing the book.  This story is a fun and easy read that the whole family will love. This book is about an unseen narrator that is trying to read a handful of nursery rhymes but always gets interrupted by Ivan the Terrier. This book has Judah engaging in the story line by anticipating where Ivan will pop up next. The illustrations are bright and colorful and capture my toddlers imagination. 

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

I wasn't sure what I was going to think about this book when I checked it out but it turned out to be a wonderful toddlers book. This book has helped my son not have meltdowns this when its time to leave play group, grandmas or the pool. Instead of throwing a big tantrum Judah now says "bye bye pool" "bye bye grandma" "bye bye bath" ect. This book has helped Judah process what it means to stop one thing and how that can lead to starting something as equally fun as the first thing. The illustrations are very sweet and the book has a great flow to it. 

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  1. Oh the monkey mask made me laugh! It is semi-scary :) We will have to look for ivan the terror, HJ loves dog books!

  2. I might have to check these books out. I loved Babar growing up but yeah they are some books I loved growing up that I reread and think, umm what where my parents thinking? And He is adorable but that mask freaks me out a little!


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