Saturday, June 15, 2013

give me family, flowers, sunshine and a farm

This weekend is fathers day weekend and since Scott is not a gifts person I tried to think of another way to celebrate him being a great father to Judah. Scott loves to take our family to some of the local farms so we can pick our own fruit, so we went out to MacIntosh Farms about an hour away and spent the afternoon picking cherries. 

We spent two hours at the farm. It was empty for a Saturday and we felt like we had the farm to ourselves. We enjoyed each others company, being in the sunshine,  watching the wind blowing through the cherry branches as we propped Judah up high to pick the sun-kissed cherries. I made flower garlands with the flowers that Judah picked for me and we sang songs. 

Give me family, flowers, sunshine and a farm and I am one happy girl.  

We ended up picking 14 pounds of cherries. Good thing they were on sale!

Then we spent some time checking out some local thrift stores in the country side. We finally found a really nice pair of jeans for Scott and a cute Napoleon Dynamite prom shirt that fits Judah! After several hours of driving around we arrived home sun kissed, with cherry stained fingers and took a family nap. 

Fathers day has always been hard for me. Mainly because I do not have a good relationship with my own father and never will. Every Fathers day I think "Will my father realize how much hurt he has caused his children. Does he wonder why his children don't celebrate him on this day. Will he ever recognize his abuse towards us. Or does he lie to himself thinking that he was a good father". 

Thats why each fathers and mothers day I want Scott and I to spend with Judah. Its our special day with our son. Im excited to celebrate the actual day with Scott tomorrow. Im excited to see which fathers day craft Judah will bring him home from Sunday school. I can't wait for Scott to wear his #1 dad shirt to church and I can't wait to hear our son say "Happy Daddies day!" and know that Judah truly adores and loves his father and thinks that he is the best person on this earth. 
Scott is more than a father, he is a hero to our son. 

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