Friday, June 14, 2013

encouraging it forward friday

The most beautiful form of encouragement is giving something and not expecting anything in return.

This week for encouraging it forward I am doing another banner giveaway. I absolutely love doing these giveaways because it gives me the opportunity to pray for each person who needs encouragement and it allows me to see which people do need encouragement. Also the bonus part is looking back and witnessing the domino effect of everyone starting to encourage one another (at least that's is my hope)

If you have someone in mind who could really use some encouragement and you would like to enter that person or even yourself in the giveaway. Go to my Instagram feed, my name is @jessjudkins, look for the picture below and comment on it.

Who have you encouraged this week? Link up below!

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1 comment:

  1. I hope I read the IG post correctly :)

    A close friend of mine just had a 30lb mass removed from her ovary. She's a trooper and is currently recovering from surgery. She inspires me everyday with her optimism, her laughter and her overall personality. This has been a very hard ordeal for her, and I believe winning your beautiful banner would remind her how much she is loved, and how much we all prayed for her.


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