Tuesday, June 4, 2013

crocheting encouragement

The more my heart is led to encourage others, the more I realize that I am crocheting encouragement. When I don't have the words to speak I use my hands to create. I love how I am able to think of someone who might need encouragement and use my hands to create something beautiful for them out of a long thin strand of yarn. Its similar to these random acts of encouragement. You never know how the ripple affect of your encouragement will create something beautiful in the heart of the the person who you are encouraging. 

 The past two weeks I've sent out the following to encourage others.

I created this "brave" banner a few weeks ago and had it listed in my shop, but as I was crocheting it I kept thinking about my friend Amber. Amber has had a really tough year and her mom is currently undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. Although I've sent Ambers mom a cowl a few months ago when she first started chemo, I knew in my heart she needed additional encouragement. June should be her last month with chemo and I wanted to encourage her for being so strong and remind her that she is so brave. 

Two weeks ago I ran an encouraging it forward giveaway on my instagram account. I wanted to give away the above banner to a person who really needed it. But mostly I wanted people to reply back to each person who said they needed encouragement and encourage a few people with kind words. My hope is to eventually build a community of encouragement. My friend Kelly was picked as the winner via random.org. When she emailed me her address she just found out that her grandmother passed away and said finding out that she was receiving the banner came at the perfect time. The banner below I crochet for another instagram mama friend of mine Abra. You can read all about her story here. Abra found out a few weeks ago that her daughter Naomi had large tumor near her heart and lungs. Her story is incredible and you can just literally see the Lord work in their lives. Abra's faith is such an inspiration so I also created her a "hope banner with anchors" to symbolize "we have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure". I got this idea from my friend Becky who I made the exact banner (in different colors) just a few weeks ago for her unborn son. 

One of my sweet blogger friends Natalie from take-the-cannoli emailed me two weekends ago asking if I could possibly crochet her an "oh" and a "day" so that she can have a banner that reads "Oh happy day" for the pictures her and her husband are going to take for renewing their vows at their 10 year wedding anniversary. Natalie wanted to pay especially since I had less than 4 days to crochet and mail off to her for her to receive it in time. But I refused payment, only because Natalie's marriage has been such an inspiration to me. My hope is that the Lord would continue to use their marriage to encourage those who need help in their marriage and that the Lord continues to give Natalie and her husband the words to speak love and truth into these troubled marriages. 

Last but not least. I finally crochet this colorful granny square blanket for my baby sister Kaylee. Kaylee not once has asked me for anything.She really needed some encouragement last week. She is such a caring, thoughtful and kind person who would do anything for anyone but would never ask for anything herself. People always take advantage of her kind and generous heart and I wanted to encourage her to never change. To always love and to always give even it the person doesn't appreciate it because in the long run she is making this world a better place. My sisters Rhonda and Kaylee inspire me and I'm honored that they will now both have a crochet blanket from me. Just a tiny token of how much I love them. 

I haven't done this in awhile. But I would really love to know who you have encouraged this week. I set it up so you can link your blog post below. Let me know how your being led to encourage others in your life. 

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