Tuesday, May 14, 2013

your words

In my closet I have a box of letters from various friends and pen pals over the years. Right next to that box I have an even bigger box of letters from my sister Rhonda. When we both moved out of the house we wrote to each other all the time. When ever I had any type of discouragement in my adult life my sister Rhonda would send me letters of encouragement. She would decorate her card and knew just the right words to say that would really uplift my heart and make me feel special. I loved getting letters from Rhonda. Getting snail mail is probably one of my favorite things, even today Scott knows that I like to check the mail "just in case I get a letter from someone".

When we drove back home early last week from our Myrtle Beach trip one of the first things I did was sit down and write out a letter to my sister. I just wanted to remind her how special she is in my life and how deeply I treasure our friendship. I guess Rhonda must have done the same thing because I received a letter from her in the mail today. We both realized that writing a letter would be encouraging to the other person.

Normally I send out packages to friends to encourage them. A book, mixed CD, succulent plant I found on Etsy or something I crochet. This week I wanted to focus on my words and how I can use them to let someone know how special they are to me. I want to pray and send out an encouraging letter to 20 people in my life (family and friends). I want to really try to encourage them with a simple handwritten note. I'm doing 20 letters because the post office is selling these gorgeous vintage flower stamps and they come in books of 20. 

Hopefully my letters will encourage someone just the way my sister encourages me with hers. 

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  1. That is beautiful.

    I decided a few weeks ago to really embrace the thankyou card thing. To scrapbook a simple card and write a note of thanks to friends, family, people who have done something for me that makes me feel I need to show my gratitude.

    I have also been baking for others a bit lately. cupcakes for school teachers, a little girl who had an operation etc. Today I made 8 banana breads and one will go over the road to a sweet neighbour who has been in the hospital. A friend who I feel like I hardly see now that she is working full time. And people who help us move in 5 days.

    Once again. Thank you for inspiring me.


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