Tuesday, May 28, 2013

you can't crochet! i love crochet!

One of my favorite things is seeing Judah try to mimic me with trying to crochet. When I was a little bit older than he is right now I used to ask my Grandma West to teach me how to crochet. She was known in our little town for her crochet and her italian sauce. I had a fascination for colorful yarn and I wanted to create these beautiful masterpieces that she would crochet. But my Grandmother refused to teach me, she said that I would never be able to learn how to crochet because I was left handed. I asked if she could please try to teach me that I could work with my right hand but she still refused and said that I was hopeless. So I did the next best thing. I grabbed one of her crochet hooks a skein of yarn and sat in front of her night after night and taught myself how to crochet. I knew that I would be able to one day crochet. I just never expected that I would one day run my own crochet business.

Now that I am an adult I love seeing Judah's curiosity about yarn. I love watching him pick up my crochet hooks and say "Judah crochet" and pretend to crochet "just like mommy". I'm fascinated by the yarn colors he suggests I pick up when we are out on our yarn runs "No mommy pick that one!" "oooohh pretty! yes!".

The absolute best thing about my son loving crochet is that he is left handed just like his mama. He will one day learn how to really crochet.  I will look forward to that day when I can show him how to crochet his first foundation chain and I will encourage him and let him know that he can crochet anything he sets his mind to.

((PS it sounds like Judah is cussing at the end of this video, I promise you he is not.))

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  1. So cute.... I love hearing his little voice.

  2. I'm left handed too! And I crochet also!! Lovely video :)

  3. that video is the cutest. His little voice is adorable.


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