Wednesday, May 1, 2013

never want this to end

I don't want this to end. 
 early morning drives to pick up a special donut for Judah. 
singing songs to me from the backseat. 
teaching him dance moves.
laughing at squirrels running by as we go on an adventure in the backyard. 
coloring outside while we sit on old Mickey Mouse sheets. 
searching for a caterpillar.
whispering "night night" to the sleeping pine cones.
endless conversations about bulldozers and diggers.
picking flowers together. 
creating play doh masterpieces.
reading books. 
the hugs.
the kisses.
crash hugs.
the giggles.
being best friends....forever

I am the luckiest. Only because I don't want to take for granted one single moment that the Lord has blessed me with this wonderfully sweet child of mine. I want to cherish each hug, lock up each "I love you mama" in my heart and pray that I am a kind and understanding mother to him during his meltdowns. I will never be the perfect mother for Judah, but I will live my life trying to be a good mother to him. Being Judah's mother has changed my heart and has changed the way I view the world. He has given me compassion, strength and hope. I'm so grateful for the journey that we are on together. 

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  1. Oh, Jess, I love this post! Seeing the love between you and Judah and what a sweetheart he is, I don't think it will end. My Ezra is 10 and at Judah's age was such a sweet, compassionate baby and still is today. He still holds my hand, gives me kisses and shares giggles over our secret jokes.
    Sweet boys grow to sweet young men.
    The picture of Judah in the vest, smelling the flower...enlarge it to wall size, hang it up, and never take it down. It is pure magic!

  2. aww. they are such a blessing, aren't they? and the moments do go by so fast... you blink and they are so much older... its sad. i love each stage, but miss each stage too..

  3. I loved this post. I have a 10 month old boy, Jude, who I feel the same way about --- I never want it to end because I just love being his mama! <3 I love reading your posts and love hearing your story.


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