Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Judahs weekly library reads

I haven't written a post on Judah's favorite library reads in awhile. With all our travel I haven't had a chance to sit and write one out. Now that we are settling back into our routine I'll start posting weekly library updates again. We check out around 15 books a week and here are some of Judah's favorites  from this past week. My heart actually aches knowing that I have to bring them back to the library tomorrow for new ones. They are that good!

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

I hug Judah all the time and would hug him all day if he let me. This adorable book actually made him excited to hug me over and over again so it never got old. The book goes through the day and talks about regular things that Judah and I do, so he is able to relate to the characters. They look for bugs then its time for a hug, snuggle on the rug, its time for a hug. In the one week we have read this book Judah has the "hug" parts memorized. His face lights up as he reaches over and hugs me while he says "time for a HUG!".

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

We have rechecked this book out twice and I am sad to see it go back to the library tomorrow. This book is about a mothers unconditional love for her toddler fox. The toddler fox is "grim and grumpy" and the mother fox asks why. The toddler fox didn't think his mother loved him anymore. Then they go through reassuring scenarios of how the mother will never stop loving her baby fox, no matter what. The foxes names are small and large but I said "Judah and Mama". I loved reading this to my son because I want to ingrain it in his heart and mind that Scott and I will love him, no matter what. 

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest
I love the bright and cheerful illustrations in this charming book! Judah loves the sing-songy quality of the book. We actually don't read this book we sing it together. Its easy to follow along and its funny for him to read since he likes to dance in pants and play in the sand just like Jesse Bear. I believe this book will bring a smile to any child. 

Judah also loved the following books.

+the chick and the duckling+
+the wolf who cried boy+
+thats what friends are for+

Here is a list of past books we have enjoyed reading together. 

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