Monday, April 1, 2013

Not a Joke April Fools Giveaway: Omega Juicer

Happy Monday! This week I really wanted to go all out and make some people smile.  I was thinking how great would it be to start off the first week of April with an encouraging giveaway. A team of some super sweet ladies and I are giving away an Omega J8004 Nutrition Center! Scroll down to check out these ladies blogs and see how you can enter to win!
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I'm so excited to give to start the week off with a fun giveaway for you all! I've collaborated with a group of fabulous bloggers to bless you all with an Omega J8004 Nutrition Center!
Not into juicing you say? What about making fresh salsa, homemade pasta or your own peanut butter? The possibilities are endless with this little gem and can't imagine a more perfect prize as we are entering the season of fresh produce and veggies! 

mandatory entry: leave a comment below letting us know a meal or dish you prepared that didn't turned out as planned.
(basically a recipe you butchered or one that left you disappointed)

for EASY additional entries: use the rafflecopter below!
(additional entries are a great way to increase your chances of winning this awesome prize)

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  1. The worst I remember is when I tried to make tortillas before I had a rolling pin (we were newly married and in college). They were too fat and not large enough, so they didn't cook through, and they weren't large enough for anything to fit inside.

  2. Its strange to say, but I made brussel sprouts one night and undercooked them. they were absolutely terrible and my poor husband couldn't eat them at all! Ew! lol

  3. Such an amazing Giveaway! Thank you!!
    Most of what I makes turns out to be a disaster but I would have to say my most recent was mini apple pies. They tasted like nothing-ness;)

  4. This is sad because I love to cook, but I think the worst recipe was a day I accidentally left mac and cheese on the stove... not only was it one solid mass, it was pasta, cheese, and huge burnt chunks all mixed up

  5. This is such an amazing giveaway. I would love to win this for my momma. this is pretty embarrassing because i love cooking and cook pretty much anything except easy things like pancakes and grilled cheese. kind of a blow to my ego. my pancakes always taste like cardboard and my grilled cheese always end up burnt with the cheese not even fully melted. I think Ill stick to my pie baking. haha.

  6. I tried a mini chicken pot pie recipe off pinterest, and although I used the non stick spray like it suggested, they all were stuck to the sides of the tin. It didn't really taste good either.

  7. Ummm, pretty much every meal I've ever made! :) I do not have the cooking skills, but one particularly bad one involved cooking a pork shoulder in the crockpot with the plastic paper that comes in the packaging-- accidentally but it was ruined--had to throw it all out.

  8. A few nights ago I attempted Fettuccine Alfredo. I over cooked the pasta, and burnt the chicken... Epic FAIL! It was pretty terrible and ended up in the trash.


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