Tuesday, April 2, 2013

happiness is a feeling that comes from the heart

This week I am really trying to live in the moment of joy. I want to savor each and every thing that brings my heart happiness so I can recall upon these memories during rough times. Jesus didn't promise us a conflict free life but He did promise us joy with in Him and He promised us eternal life. 

Here are some things that have really brought my heart joy this week. 

Since Judah's nap schedule is starting to change and he is starting to wake up earlier or just refuse naps I started a new daily tradition. I will pop up some popcorn and while we will eat our mini bowls of popcorn we will sit at the front door and watch the squirrels and birds come to the front porch to snack on the popcorn I left for them. Its such a small simple thing to do, but it brings my son great joy to watch all the animals and to be eating the same thing that they are. Which in turn gives me joy. 

Every morning and sometimes at night Judah and I will dance to a vinyl record. Its our "mommy and Judah dance time". Once I turn that record player on Judah will get the biggest smile on his face and he start bopping his head in tune to the music. Its by far one of the cutest things Judah does. So I love taking Judah to a local record shop to look for new music to listen to. It brings my heart joy to teach my son about music and dance. 

I love bringing Judah to the Sweet Berry yogurt place near us. For $2.00 I am able to fill his little cup full of yogurt and watch him eat it and ask me a billion questions about life and yogurt. As a mom its hard not to give your child a special treat and treating Judah to frozen yogurt is so much fun. Plus these mini dates with my son make me happy and I love looking back on the pictures of our mini dates. 

A month ago I did an Instagram encouraging it forward. I posted up a picture of a $25 restaurant gift card and I asked each person to comment on the picture and let me know how this gift card would encourage them. I picked a winner on random.org but at the same time I had another IG'er contact me who wanted to send me two gift cards to give to two other girls who really touched her heart with their stories. I am honored that I was able to be part of this lady wanting to encourage it forward. I was happy that she included me in her encouraging it forward plan. 

Even while I am picking up the house or doing the dishes I like to think about all these wonderful blessings that bring so much happiness to my heart. Just simple sweet blessings that are nice to recall upon. Its easy to let worry overwhelm your mind, but I hope by practicing the art of soaking in that moment of joy will help me be a better wife, mother, friend and encourager. 

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  1. awe your son looks so cute in that picture!!! adorable :)

  2. Your little kiddo is so cute. I can't get enough of those pretty eyes!
    I'm so so sorry about everything that happened this past week Jess. But you have the greatest of hearts and as you said its just about forgiving and moving on. You are such a strong person.

    I hope everything is well!

  3. I've always loved thinking back on how my parents brought music into my life. I can remember listening to their record player and dancing around the bedroom and I hope that my Jonah will have similar memories when he's older. He loves music and the boy has moves. It's probably the highlight of my life to see him shake his booty! I pray that music always lifts him and hits his heart in the right spots the way it does mine.
    hope you are having a joy filled week!


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