Monday, April 22, 2013

getting green

I took Judah over to Merrifield Garden Center today to pick up some vegetable plants to grow in our garden. I've been reading up on urban farming and I have been inspired to slowly transform the backyard of our townhouse into garden that we can eat off of. On our trip we picked up some tomato, dill, basil and squash plants. I am already growing carrots, beans, cucumbers, strawberries, chives and blackberries. Hopefully in just a few short months we will be eating from my garden and fingers crossed I'll  have plenty of blackberries to make some blackberry jam. 

Merrifield Garden Center is a great place to bring your kids during the day. I just put Judah in one of their wagons, picked him up a bag of their free popcorn and walked around for an hour. The property is filled with all kinds of neat things to look at. Gorgeous vegetation, flowers, trees, a mini waterfall and fish. Judah tried to feed then ride this little lamb statue. Thank goodness I stopped him because if you look closely that lambs leg is cracked. 

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  1. So cute. I tried to grow a garden this year and failed! Oh well there is always next year. Hugs!

    1. well...the same thing kinda happened to my carrots ;-) ha ha ha but I have hope that they will make a come back :-)


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