Saturday, April 13, 2013

encouraging it forward giveaway

This week I'm giving away this crochet "Love" banner that I made. I wanted to hold a facebook giveaway since I had someone contact me on twitter who was disappointed that they didn't have an Instagram account to enter the previous crochet banner giveaway. 

To enter to win but mostly to encourage everyone else who commented and needs encouragement. Go to my facebook page here. Look for the picture above then leave a comment letting me know how this banner would encourage you or someone that you know. Then go back and reply to as many people as you can and encourage them. 

Each comment is an entry. 
So that means if you encourage 20 people you have 20 ways to win this giveaway! 
The giveaway ends Wednesday April 17th  2013, I will pick a winner on and will post the winners name of the banner on my facebook page

I would really love to see people encouraging each other on this giveaway. Here are some comments that some sweet ladies already left who could really use some uplifting words of encouragement. 

I actually went to school with Michelle when we were younger. I remember sticking up for her in school the few times I wasn't scared to when she was bullied. It breaks my heart to see her sweet daughter being bullied in school. This especially hits close to home not only because I know Michelle but also because I recently received some online bullying. I would love to see some people encourage the socks off of Michelle and her daughter. 

Who have you encouraged this week? Can't think of anything to do to encourage someone. Then I would suggest you to encourage those ladies above and more on my giveaway and who knows you might just win the Love banner. 

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  1. this is a super cute encouraging idea! If only I had facebook :P


  2. :( my heart hurts for Dakota. I hope she gets some great friends in school. I was never very bold in school, because I saw how other kids were bullied and I never wanted that to happen to me if I stood up to them. Looking back now, I so very much wish I could've stood up to them. I'm good friends now, with a boy who took a lot of physical abuse from older boys on our school bus because he was overweight and had ADD. He's such a great strong boy now. I don't know how to encourage kids now going through that.. Other than to assure them that it gets better. Bullies grow up, meek and scared girls grow up, the kids that get bullied on grow up. And most usually the more we grow up the more we can get along with everyone and find our courage. If only that would help our little ones now. I strive to teach my daughter to be brave and stand up for the kids who are bullied, and pray that she has friends who would do the same if she's one of the bullied. I can't imagine being a mother and watching your baby go through that. So encouragement to Michelle as well! You're a beautiful blessing to your daughter and i'm so happy she has you to love her. Middle school is the worst. Stay strong, both of you! <3 We love you.


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