Friday, April 5, 2013

encouraging as many people as possible

This week we wanted to encourage as many people as possible. To start off I had one of my sweet mama friends Natalie over at Take the Cannoli email me asking if I could make her a custom crochet banner. Its been on my heart to really start giving away some banners to encourage others so I crochet the banner for her and am mailing it out to her today as a gift. Also side note, this sweet friend of mine has the gift of encouraging others. Her emails leave me in tears and her words speak directly to my heart. 

I will be finished with another banner for another sweet mama friend Savannah over at Sleepy King. My heart really hurt for her earlier this week when she mentioned that she was the focus of some online bullying. I asked her what her favorite colors are and am sending her banner to her hopefully by tomorrow. 

I decided to give away one of my Sunshine banners on Etsy. I asked everyone to comment on the banner to tell me how they would be encouraged by receiving it. Or to tell me about a friend who could use a little sunshine in their life. Then I asked everyone to go back and encourage each person who commented. Wouldn't you know I have over 60 comments on that picture and most of them are from people trying to encourage one another. Its a pretty uplifting post. If you would like to encourage someone or try to win the banner for yourself or a friend feel free to look up the picture above on my IG account. My IG user name is JessJudkins. I'll have the contest open until Monday. 

Also I just found out that two of my friends Danielle and Diana  are both having baby boys. So I mailed Danielle a cute little package with a bow-tie and skull socks and mailed Diana one of Judahs vintage rompers.  

Finally my friend Ivelisse's daughter is still not feeling well. My sweet friends family has had it rough this past winter with battling sever flu after severer flu. So I went to Target's dollar section and found the cutest apron, recipe/menu cards and cupcake toppers. I also added an American Girl book that I thrifted and a pair of cute Target socks for Ivelisse. I hope the package will encourage Jules while she is hopefully on the mend. 

I told you, we wanted to go all out and encourage several people this week. Hopefully we will continue to encourage as many people as possible in the next coming weeks.

Who have you encouraged this week? 

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  1. I really love your encourage posts! I encouraged my husband today :)

  2. Oh I do too! That sunshine banner is so cute! And such a great reminder!

  3. I seriously can't wait for mine and can't believe how many you made! Such a blessing and encouragement indeed!


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