Thursday, April 11, 2013

dont stress about the perfect moment

Scott decided to take off work on Wednesday so we could all head out to see the Cherry Blossoms. This year we drove out to DC instead of taking the metro and although we waited in traffic for an hour I am happy we decided to drive. I learned a very valuable lesson on Wednesday. When I am trying to make a family event extra fun, it normally turns out to be stressful. I found myself stressing out over the crowds, people bumping into the stroller, Judah was not in a great mood and would scream if we tried to take a picture of him. Finally after an hour of being frustrated with how things were going I decided to "give up" on trying to have fun and we decided to go home.  When we left the Tidal Basin area and headed over to the less crowded side of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial I noticed a lady selling ice-cream and cold water. While we were in line a man behind us became really frustrated with it being hot and the line taking to long. I asked him what he was going to order and we bought his ice-cream. Then we walked down to the water and had a mini picnic of astro pops. Judah was in a better mood, I was in a better mood and Scott was in a better mood.

So my lesson is this. Don't stress about the perfect picture, people around you or even your toddler. Do something that would make your family happy, for example purchasing some astro pops and sitting down to enjoy each others company in the middle of some gorgeous cherry blossom trees.  We sat down for a good hour and had the best time just being around each other and laughing at Judah screaming "OBAMA" at every helicopter or plane that flew by. When we gave up on having our "perfect day" we ended up having one of the best days together. 

ps doesn't my husband look like Abe Lincoln's twin, our next DC trip we are planning on taking Judah to the Lincoln memorial to show him his "daddy".

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  1. I am reminded of this lesson often.
    The times I try to make things just how I imagine them often turn out to be the most awful.

    When I just let go and let things happen naturally life is much more beautiful.

  2. great post Jess. Every day I have to remind myself to give it up and accept this day even with it's "inadequacies" I place on it. Once I change my mood to go with the flow the day is so much better!


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