Tuesday, April 9, 2013

bringing me joy

Some things that have been bringing me joy this week.

Over the years crocheting has been so soothing to my heart and I have been able to really bless some people with the items I crochet. I've been crocheting lots and lots of banners. I've been giving most away for gifts to some close friends who really needed the encouragement but am now starting to list some in my shop. I really love crocheting these banners. I've dreamed of making them for years and its neat seeing my dream come to fruition. Also I loved reading back on the comments of people encouraging one another on the banner I gave away last week on IG.

Spring is finally here! I don't have to worry about the possibility of snow till next winter! Its gorgeous outside. I love the flowers, the birds singing and the extra sunshine. I don't even care that my allergies are causing Judah and myself to be really congested. As soon as we go outside we forget about everything but the sunshine. 

This week I received the sweetest encouragement packages from some friends. The boxes were full of  of fun goodies and pretty things. What I cherish most is the card from my sweet friend Amber. The card was written with sweet words of love and encouragement and I am carrying it in my purse to reread her  when ever I feel down. 

Judah brings me so much joy. It's this unintentional joy, he doesn't even realize that he makes me so happy. Like today when I was giving him a bath he ended up taking the top off his brand new bottle Aveeno Baby bath wash and dumped it all into his tub and head. I couldn't stop laughing because the tub kept filling up with bubbles and I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to wash all the soap out of his hair.  His joy for life is so contagious. 

I'm also very grateful that my husband who has been working crazy hours (I know its all I talk about) is taking some extra time off to spend with his family. Hopefully we get to actually see the Cherry Blossoms this year. 

Also the best news I've received in a very long time. I just found out my sister and her husband are going to go with us to Myrtle Beach this year!!! May can't come soon enough!!! I really really need some girl time with my sister. 

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  1. It's a great time of year for good new things! Spring always helps me appreciate the little things a little more!


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