Tuesday, April 30, 2013

$50 Spa Gift Card & Crochet Happy Banner Giveaway

First off please excuse the grammar of this post. I am battling a nasty sinus infection and am going to tuck myself into bed once I publish this. 

Since Judah and I woke up this morning it felt like we were trudging through mud. He didn't want to wake up and to be honest I could have stayed a few more hours in our warm bed. But I promised a girlfriend that we were going to take our kids for a walk and my body felt like a walk would probably give it the much needed boost of energy. Plus outdoor walks almost guarantee me a great nap time with Judah. As we were eating our breakfast of eggs, sweet potato hash and raspberries my friend texted me asking if we could reschedule for later this week since it was still wet out. I didn't even look outside yet and just assumed it was a cloudy yet clear day. Breakfast finished I decided we would go pick up Judahs prescription. His doctor told me yesterday that Judah still has really bad allergies but is right on the cusp of a sinus infection. So she prescribed me a nasal spray and antibiotics. We only handed in the nasal spray script to be filled. Now here is where the day starts to get a bit dicey. 

We headed to Target to pick up the prescription when I finally got through to my husband who told me that Judah's prescription was at Walgreen's and it should be ready. Turned my car around headed to Walgreen's. The pharmacy tech wasn't kind at all, screamed at me that my husband just called in the script and it wont be ready for 30 minutes. Judah was already tired and was starting to crash and wanted to sit on the counter next to the pharmacist. I took Judah over to the Mothers Day cards, found one that I may get for my step mom. It was a cute musical card but was listed for $7, I said out loud "no way am I paying $7 for a card!". Judah wanted to "look at it". Figured no harm in it while I searched for that "perfect yet inexpensive mothers day card". I hear Judah say "Look I did it!" turn around and he completely dissected the $7 musical card! On one hand I should be proud that my son wants to learn and take things apart to see how they look but...does he have to do it on a $7 mothers day card! So we go to purchase this $7 mothers day card with a handful of other items and Judah starts to scream "Lolli pop, I want a lollipop!" I bent down to eye level and explained "Judah you ripped a card your not getting a lolli pop also we are going to Starbucks for milk". He calmed down with a few hushed whimpers of "lolli pop" but no where near the screams. The cashier rings me up then asks me "Is that all for you? you dont want anything else like candy" I said no thank you and she said "I think your boy could really use a lolli pop" I looked up and just stared at her. I mean come on really my son just calmed down and sure enough he started to scream "LOLLI POP" but I didn't give in. I thanked her and we walked to the car, I accidentally hit my car alarm while Judah was screaming. I had to somehow calm him, find my keys and get us both into the car. We drove over to Starbucks and he was wonderful. Grabbed our drinks and figured we could have a nice calm mommy and Judah date since we had a hectic morning but we couldn't find a chair anywhere. Balancing two drinks, holding a toddlers hand in the rain and trying to fumble for my keys. Drinks spill, my car alarm goes off again and toddler starts to cry. I almost cried. Finally we head home and decide to lay low for the rest of the day. 

With a half full cup of soy chai, a ripped up $7 mothers day card and soaked pants I kept thinking. Lord I don't want to focus on all the negatives of today. I really want to focus on what you have blessed me with.  So that is why I wanted to encourage you with a $50 Spa Gift Card and a Crochet Happy Banner giveaway. This is an instagram giveaway. 

This giveaway is open to everyone who has an intagram account. My account will be public until the giveaway is over so you don't even have to follow me. All you have to do is go to this picture on my IG feed. Copy and paste this picture into your own feed then go back to the original picture in my feed and leave a comment on how this gift card and happy banner would encourage you or someone that you know. Then go back and encourage each person that has commented or as many people as you would like. Each comment that you leave will count as an entry. So if you encourage 50 people you get 50 chances of winning this gift card. Or you could just leave a comment on why you would like the card. 

I was texting my friend Paige today and telling her that these encouraging it forward giveaways are kinda like chicken soup for the soul. I love hearing the stories of how you or someone you know could use encouragement and then something extraordinary happens when you start to see everyone else encourage each other. Its this domino effect of encouragement and its really one of the most beautiful things to witness. People encouraging others. 

Find my picture on Instagram here.

The giveaway ends on Sunday May 12th.

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  1. I am so sorry your day went this way.
    As a mother to 3 I can totally relate.
    Some days I feel like I pick up the pieces from one issue to turn around and find another things to drain me.

    But luckily every day is not like that.
    Luckily these bad days help us appreciate the good days even more.

    I hope tomorrow is a day full of delight and happiness.


    1. Oh my goodness I am in awe that you can do it with three!
      I always tell my husband that some days feel like I am brushing my teeth while eating an oreo cookie, you dont really get anywhere.

      Today was delightful :-)
      thank you for your sweet words


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