Saturday, March 16, 2013

little remedies care basket giveaway

As a first time mom I can honestly said their is nothing worse then seeing your little one sick. It doesn't matter if its a tiny head cold to the dreaded flu virus. Your heart breaks and you want to ease any type of discomfort that your child is feeling. If you are anything like me you don't like to over medicate. That's why when Little Remedies contacted me about doing a giveaway I jumped on the offer. I have been using Little Remedies products since Judah was an infant, when you open my medicine cabinet I always keep some on hand. Its a brand that I trust. The philosophy of Little Remedies is "less is more" while providing parents with effective products to support the health and well-being of their child. Little Remedies products contain only what is needed to make your child feel better - no saccharin, alcohol, artificial flavors, artificial coloring, dyes or harmful preservatives. 

I'm personally not getting anything from this giveaway. I wanted to do this for my readers since I trust and believe in the Little Remedies product.

Little Remedies wanted to give away a basket of goodies to one lucky reader. 
Below, is the list of products included in the basket:

  • Little Remedies for Noses® Stuffy Nose Kit
  • Little Remedies for Noses® Decongestant Nose Drops
  • Little Remedies for Fevers® Infant Fever/Pain Reliever
  • Little Remedies for Colds® Soothing Syrup
  • Little Remedies for Colds® Honey Elixir
  • Little Remedies for Colds® Honey Pops
  • Little Remedies for Colds® Hydration Crystals
  • Little Remedies for Tummys® Gripe Water
  • Little Remedies for Tummys® Gas Drops

Additional information for all products can be found here:

To enter the giveaway leave a separate comment below for each entry.
1. MANDATORY ENTRY Follow My Little Mustache on bloglovin here.
2. "Like" Little Remedies on facebook here.
3. Tweet about the giveaway and cc (@jessjudkins)
4. Blog about the giveaway (post link below)

(You have a total of four entries)

The contest will close next Saturday March 23rd and I will announce the winner here on Sunday March 24th.
Good luck!

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  1. I follow you on bloglovin! I would love to give this to my sister, who has two little ones :)

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  4. Super excited for this giveaway. I LOVE their stuffy nose kit. I follow you through bloglovin ( Confessions of a Redheaded Mama)

  5. I liked Little Remedies on Facebook.

  6. I am already following on bloglovin. :)

  7. Liked them on facebook too!

  8. I follow My Little Mustache on bloglovin
    Laura Jacobson
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  9. I "Like" Little Remedies on facebook
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