Thursday, March 7, 2013

library book love - toddler version

Each week after we leave the library we head over to our favorite Starbucks for a mini date. We bring in a book we just checked out so I can read to it to Judah as he enjoys a cake-pop and cup of water. Its something that Judah looks forward to and I hope one day when he is a bit older he will have great memories of going to Starbucks with mommy and reading books. 

If you want your toddler to get really excited about taking a bath I would suggest you go to your local library and check out "Mrs Wishy-Washy's Farm".  This book is about animals at a farm who do not like getting baths and they get upset at Mrs Wishy-Washy for giving them their baths. In protest of the baths they decide to adventure on out into the big city. Find themselves in some precarious situations until they are picked up by Animal Control. Mrs Wishy-Washy rescues them and brings them back to the farm. Once home the animals all jump into the tub excited to take a bath. In the past month my bath loving son has recently started to not want baths and on some instances will have a complete meltdown in the bathroom in complete protest. Since I've read him this book not only has he requested baths but he will sit and play in the bath for a good bit after I clean him. 

I do have one complaint with this book. The author did use the words "mean" and "hate" I substituted the words when I read the book to Judah. 

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

For a list of my great toddler books suggestions click here. 

Do you have a toddler and like to take him or her to the library? Let me know if you would be interested in writing up a guest post one week for my blog. I would love to get more people to write a post on their children's favorite book. Email me for more information on how you can participate. 
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  1. That face!!! He is getting so big!

    Jack has been in the same boat with the no bath thing. My car loving kid though.. I found a trick! I drew with bath crayons on the tile and bath tub, a road and he plays with his bath cars until the water is freezing. I have a little package to send you, I'll add some bath crayons if I can find them! :]

  2. That first picture is ADORABLE!
    We go to the library every Tuesday. My older daughter has storytime, and my toddler loves to play there!

  3. I've taken Rio to the library from birth, it sounds silly but i just wanted him to love being their, and books as much as me :) I'm also addicted to scouring charity shops for books for him too so he can have his own mini one at home :)

    New follower on bloglovin :)


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