Friday, March 15, 2013

encouraging it forward week 11

This week I really felt that two specific women were placed on my heart who needed encouragement. The first was Katie from Skunkboy Blog and the other was Diana from Hormonal Imbalances. I used to make these boxes full of mini scrolls of encouragement for friends who I felt really needed some encouragement. I figured back in the day Paul and Barnabas probably encouraged each other with mini notes to just cheer and strengthen one another's heart. I pulled out my old mole skin journals and started writing out little bits of encouragement that I have written in them over the years. I originally had planned to put the notes in these cute little wooden treasure chests since each note of encouragement is supposed to be a treasure. But wouldn't you know my sneaky son ran off with the treasure chests and they are now buried somewhere in a toy pile. Instead I picked up two colorful cardboard boxes, put a cute sticker on top and am placing the little notes inside.

The great thing about doing this little project is that I believe the Lord wanted me to read back on my journals. I felt encouraged by writing each note because I was able to recall upon memories of how faithful the Lord has been with walking with me through each season of my life. Hopefully these notes will encourage my sweet friends in the specific seasons they are in right now.

Who have you encouraged this week? I would love to read your story.

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  1. I just dropped off seven blankets that I crocheted for 'Project Linus" this week. These blankets are given to children in the local children's hospital and also the court systems when their parents are there and they have to be in another room, it might be scary so they offer up one of these 'project linus' blankets. It's a great outlet for my obsession with crocheting things.
    Thank you Jess, you inspire me.

    1. Denise that is the SWEETEST thing ever!!!!!


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