Sunday, March 17, 2013

cute toddler easter encouragement activity

Easter is right around the corner and I wanted to help Judah create something cute and encouraging to mail off to all his friends. I know most people will throw the card away, but I figured this is a good creative way to teach Judah how to encourage his friends with the tools he has at hand. I had some blank index cards and I started to draw out some bunnies and lambs on them when Judah asked if I could draw a skateboard as well. Then I let him use his paint markers to decorate. I let him put glue onto the paper and handed him a few cotton balls to glue onto the cards. 

 I stuck the cards and some easter stickers into long business envelopes to mail out. If you do want to try this out at home you will need to use 2 forever stamps to mail these out.

This is just a simple cute and fun activity to do with your toddler. You will of course have to assist them with it but I love how they will use their imagination and request things like "skateboard" to be drawn onto the cards. 

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  1. oh that's so cute! and he looks like he had so much fun.

    You really encourage me to "love my neighbor" too. you have such a big heart.

  2. too cute! Love his face in that photo.


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