Wednesday, February 27, 2013

today I felt encouraged

(sunglasses from tumbleweeds)

Yesterday I found myself in line at Target crying. I was exhausted. I needed a break. Its been raining and it feels like winter wont stop. My kid has cabin fever and misses his daddy so he has been acting like a crazy toddler. I miss my husband. I wish I had a great local community of mama friends. I was wondering what in the world was I doing with my life as a stay at home mom and am I ever going to have a different job ever again and questioned if I am even a good stay at home mother. I miss the sunlight and I know I am about to start my cycle. 
(real life, I get way to emotional right before my cycle) 

Today was different.
 Its always the darkest before the sun peaks out. 
Today it was good being a stay at home mom. 

This morning when I opened our windows the sun was out. The temperature was perfect. I made breakfast for Judah and myself and then I heard a chain saw out side. Our HOA finally decided to prune the huge tree in our front yard. I've been wanting this for years because the dead branches block the sunlight and I can't grow my dream flower garden. As my heart sung with joy Judah was prancing around with excitement. We sat for an hour and a half and watched the "tree guys" scale the tree and saw off dead branches. I kept telling Judah how beautiful the trees are now that the dead branches are pruned off. Kinda like how the Lord likes to prune things out of our life so that our hearts are more beautiful.  

Then we went outside and encouraged the three "tree men" with homemade banana muffins. Afterwards I took Judah on a 4 mile run around campus. It felt good to run. To kick up my feet as Judah yelled "run faster mommy faster!". The weather was perfect. Once we got home Judah played in the park, had a quick lunch and Scott came home early! He is home with us for four days straight! 

My heart felt encouraged today. 

My sweet friend Diana wrote this moving post about encouraging others (please read)

Go out and encourage someone today. Then share how you encouraged someone. Its uplifting and some times mamas who have a meltdown in line at Target need to hear them.
 (your encouraging stories inspire me)

 My sweet son and his laughter, encouraging stories, my husband being home for a few days, sunshine, a good run, an hour long phone conversation with my sister Rhonda and a crocheting colorful things with a good cup of coffee make my heart happy. 

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  1. It really encourages me to see how you encourage others all the time! I might have watched the "Tree man" but it would not have occurred to me to bring them muffins. I am glad your husband is home--as my husband also travels (randomly and without notice) for his work sometimes when something is broken in another state/town, I totally understand. There is something "secure" and "wonderful" about having one's husband with you. I would love to read a blog post about how you encourage your hubby!

    I will try to encourage you today by praying for you and your family :)

  2. I just want to say thank you. Your sweet open loving blog inspires me. To encourage, to find joy.

    I try to do that anyway but I so love when my bloglovin is full of blogs that inspire me, make me want to try harder, do better... be my best me.

    I hope your today and tomorrow are awesome.

    (From New Zealand)

  3. You're such an inspiration to me, Jess. Every day your blog and Instagram feed inspires and uplifts me. If only there were more honest and loving people out there like you. Thank you for all of your encouragement and compassion - youre a real blessing to so many and I'm so thankful to have recently found you!

    God bless!


  4. Adorable glasses! They remind me so much of my childhood and they make a sunny day even brighter!! They are unique which is what fashion is all about!


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