Friday, February 8, 2013

encouraging it forward week 6

Earlier this week I wrote a blog post on a Crazy Encouragement idea. In this post I asked people to nominate someone who could really use some encouragement and then write a note on how they could really use some encouragement, then to go back and email the people who have commented. Let me tell you most of these posts left me in tears. It made my heart ache just knowing how many people  truly need encouragement. I know I sound like a hallmark commercial but I believe just a little bit of random encouragement can truly change someones life. I picked a random person from this post to send this cowl to so they can go and give it to the person they nominated. 

I truly wish I could gift every single person who was nominated a cowl. I loved hearing the stories of people who needed some encouragement. What I can offer is for the month of February all my adult cowls will be $20 and I will not charge the custom order fee if you want me to make one for you. Just contact me at my shop My Charming Colors

Jenny email me your address and I will mail you the cowl to gift to your friend.

Who have you encouraged this week? I would love to hear your stories, link up below. 

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  1. Love his little bow tie - happy weekend!


  2. so cute!


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