Sunday, January 20, 2013


This weekend should be called yarn-a-gram because I uploaded so many pictures on Instagram of Judah or myself modeling cowls I crochet. 

Some highlights of this weekend.

I was running at the gym on Saturday and my pants kept falling off because I lost so much weight! I didn't want to stop my workout so I walked to the front desk to see if I could staple my pants together so they wouldn't fall. But since I've lost so much weight the stapler wouldn't work. Then they gave me duct tape which also didn't work. So I borrowed one of those black jumbo binder clips and clipped together my pants. I was able to run for 3 more miles. 

Also Scott and I finally went on a date Saturday night! I forgot how important it is to have dates with your spouse. We went to the mall and walked around like a bunch of teenagers for a few hours. Then we hung out at whole foods, had dinner and talked for an hour. Scott thought I was acting like a giddy newlywed and when he mentioned that three hours had past I was surprised because I haven't been away from Judah longer than two hours in his entire life. 

Sunday we had a yummy family breakfast and finally reupholstered our Danish Teak dining room set. I'll put up a tour of the main level up on the blog soon. 

Other than that we tried to soak in as much family time as possible. Scott has been working 10-12 hour work days for awhile now and next week will be just as bad. I'm thinking we may need a mini family vacation after next week. 

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  1. I adore all your new cowls! Especially the one you are wearing on the bottom middle ... pinning it now :)

  2. I love date nights! We try to do them weekly, but that doesn't always happen. This weekend, my hubby and are going away! Even a quick weekend trip makes all the difference :)



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