Tuesday, January 29, 2013

speaking love

I wanted to thank each of you for speaking words of love, hope and compassion into my life yesterday after I wrote my post on "behind the abortion".  I do want to personally thank each of you who have commented, I was afraid to share my story and each of you have been so gracious with your words. Writing that post was the hardest thing I've ever written. Not many people knew the details of the whole story of what I went through, not even my husband until a few months ago. I didn't like to share about the details of what happened because its something I don't like to "relive" when I tell it. Even after I blogged about it yesterday I had to keep myself busy so I didn't dwell on the emotions of my past. I thought it was important to share my story, especially if it helps someone. I believe when people speak boldly about something that kept them chained in fear for so long, that they will find healing in speaking out their fears.  Your words helped healed certain areas of my heart.

thank you

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  1. I loved reading the honesty in your post yesterday, and I hope your story encouraged someone in a similar situation.


  2. Thank you! God uses us in ways we don't even know about!

  3. We are overcomers through Christ by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony! I just love, love, love you!

  4. I have not read that post (heading towards it right away) but I am sure your decision should never be questioned. I have always loved you as the perfect mom to Judah and will never stop loving. You rock!

  5. Your post brought me to tears yesterday. I want to point out how I feel at least though. Most abortions are because the girls are like you were, scared and have no where to go. Honestly, I feel that the women always have been and always will be, the ones to be hurt the worst.
    That's why I wish there were laws in place, not to protect the babies, but the women.

  6. I read your post the other night on my phone while my kids were in the bath and I was unable to comment. Now I"m at my computer so I can say thank you for sharing your story. Also, I just wanted to say how sorry I am that you were hurt in this way and that you endured so much pain in your younger years. Whatever hurtful things people continue to say and do, always know that God is not behind that and is not saying those things--even if those people claim they are speaking on his behalf. You are an amazing woman and an incredible mother--thank you for being brave enough to share your story with us.


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