Thursday, January 10, 2013

plans change

I was planning on writing a different blog post today and had plans to hang out at a park with my friend Kendra and her kids today, but plans change. Last night Judah woke up at 2 am wanting to get into bed with us. I knew the second I walked into his room that something was wrong. When I picked him up his body was hot to touch, I changed his diaper and was asking him "are you hot" and he would respond "I hot" and I asked him "are you thirsty do you want a drink" and he said "drink". When I turned around to go downstairs to get him a drink he started projectile vomiting all over our bed. I quickly picked him up and woke up Scott who ran over to help. I sat on the ground holding my sweet boy while he puked it it all out. I kept thinking "Jess do not puke, focus on Judah, focus on Judah". He has only puked like this one other time in his life, last year when he and Scott were hospitalized with the Niro Virus, so we barely got any sleep last night in between trying to give him a bath to lower his temperature and just watching him as he tried to rest. Once your a mom you lose your right to sleep and when your baby is sick you dont even care about sleep, your focus is on your child.

Today while Scott went to work I tried to keep Judah's fever down. It kept spiking all day and the highest was a little over 103. Cheeks pink and glassy eyes, all he wanted to do was lay down on the couch with his stuffed animals and be near his mama. I honestly didn't mind and really enjoyed being so close to my sweet boy. 

Today I missed my workout, but here is a great post on Angie challenging herself with her workouts.
Every-time I read my friend post on her daughter Luna I am reminded of how Judah is growing up.

I'm kinda obsessed with crocheting toddler/children granny square ear-warmers. I'll be listing some in the shop if not tomorrow than Saturday. All depending on how Judah is feeling. 

Also I am pretty excited to announce the winner and link up for encouragingitforward tomorrow. 
Have you seen what its all about and have you entered the giveaway?

I'm off to try to get a few more hours of sleep before Judah wakes up. I've had only two hours of sleep in the past 48 hours and I am planning on waking him up early to take him to get tested for the flu at the doctors office. 

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  1. Poor Judah :( I'm so sorry he's sick! I remember when you posted about them getting so sick last year. I hope he feels better soon!

    1. Last years sickness was the scariest days of my life. Not knowing if Scott was going to be okay, bringing Judah home and him puking everywhere. Just really scary. Thankfully its much much milder this time, praying it passes quickly and he is back to his bouncy cheerful self soon :-)

  2. Poor sweet boy!! We had the same thing happen in our house a couple weeks ago. In fact, Ben took Isaac to the ER because his fever was over 104. He was sick for a whole week and then gave it to the baby and Ben and my mom. This is such a bad season this year!! I hope your little guy gets to feeling better really soon!

  3. I remember last year's illness too. Hope Judah gets better soon and nobody else gets sick!

  4. Sweet mama! I hope Judah is feeling better today and you all get some much needed rest!

  5. Oh, how sweet mama of you. I totally agree with you that being a mom when your baby is sick, you don't care anymore about sleeping and your time is on your child. I had that same experience last year also when my little boy got sick. Hope Judah is feeling better now.


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