Tuesday, January 15, 2013

library book love - toddler version

The face says it all. Judah loves this book!

Source: amazon.com via Jessica on Pinterest

Maybe I've never noticed this before since I am a first time mom, but I love how children authors will take characters from classic children stories and give us readers an even sweeter story. For example in this book "Whats the Time, Mr Wolf?" the author takes the characters from the three little pigs and a handful of other classic children's stories and merges them into this wonderful story of surprise and encouragement. All the characters come together to try to secretly encourage Mr. Wolf through out the day when he thought everyone had forgotten his birthday. At the end of the day Mr Wolf comes home to a big surprise birthday party. This book is adorable, Judah wants me to read it to him over and over again and I'll often find him sitting on the chair alone reading it to himself. He even took it out of my library bag today when we went to exchange it for some new books. I love how this book goes hand in hand with how I am trying to teach Judah how to encourage others, its very sweet and endearing and teaches a great lesson of encouragement.

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  1. Look how engrossed he is in that book! Adorable!


  2. Cute, I hope my son will love reading books too.

  3. How sweet. :) My little one is only 8-months-old and currently prefers eating books to reading them, but it still thrills me when I open up a book and his eyes light up at the illustrations - even if the interest is only momentary.

    Oh, and what an absolutely adorable little library nook!


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