Wednesday, January 2, 2013

library book love - toddler version

Judah has a tiny head cold this week so we have been spending allot of time in doors. He will have his moments where he wants to just run around the house or dance like a wild toddler. But most times he just wants to cuddle with us and or his favorite pillow and read books. This week his favorite library books are.

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

This book is of course about trucks and the noises they make. Its colorful and extra big, perfect for any truck loving toddler. Judah likes to carry this book and his pillow around, find a comfy spot and plop down to read and rest.

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

This is Judah's second favorite book this week. Its all about the airport. We have traveled allot since Judah has been born, he has flown with us to San Francisco twice, San Diego and Tampa. We have also driven to several other out of town/state places as well. Judah always loved the airport and loves airplanes, now that he understands them a bit more and he likes to read about them. This would be a great book for a toddler who is about to travel. It explains the whole boarding, getting on the plane and take off process. Next time we fly out to California or Florida I am going to check this book out again to walk Judah through what to expect. 

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