Sunday, January 6, 2013

i want to hug her

Every Sunday I am left feeling that I want a weekend do over. I sometimes feel that our weekend was just a practice run for a really great weekend. That we haven't squeezed in enough family time or visited enough places. 

 This weekend went by entirely to fast, we all were a bunch of homebodies, ran errands, went grocery shopping, watched the redskins game, laughed together at Judah's new dance moves and the way he throws the football. After our Sunday brunch I had a bunch of discouraging text messages from a family member that left me just about paralyzed. My text notifications wouldn't stop and I just wanted to throw my phone into a lake. Then my friend Lauren who I met on IG two years ago sent me 30 of the most wonderful text messages ever and I just wanted to share them with you. 

you are wonderful
you are a fantastic mom
you encourage people
you are a thoughtful and kind friend
you make beautiful handmade items that people love
you are funny and friendly
your son is so lucky to have you
Scott is so lucky to have you
your friends are so lucky to have you
you have a kind heart and beautiful soul
I value your friendship
you are beautiful and talented
you are smart and strong
you are an inspiration to other people
you make me want to be a kinder person
you touch peoples lives with your encouragement
you make a difference near and far
you deserve nothing but love and support
you are better than the people trying to bring you down
you are a forgiving person, full of love and light
I hope to meet you someday
I imagine we'd feel like we knew each-other all along
and we'd go grab coffee while our kids played together and talk about nothing or everything
and I'd remind you of all these things
you are a sensitive person and the people who target you with hurtful words are taking advantage of your kind heart

I just want to hug her. Lauren and I haven't met in real life, but I've known her for two years. All because of this world wide web we are able to encourage each other in our moments of need. I will treasure these messages from Lauren and I can't wait for the day we actually meet in real life. I love how the Lord places people in your life to encourage you when you need it most. 

I hope you all had  a wonderful weekend and I look forward to seeing who everyone has encouraged on Friday.


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  1. Now that is an excellent friend. A rare and precious treasure! So glad you have her Jess!

  2. What a sweet, sweet friend. Such a gift from God to be able to touch your heart when you need it most! <3

  3. All of this is true! I sent you an email last week about your encouragement in my life. I hope you have an awesome day!


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