Thursday, January 24, 2013

encouraging it forward week 4

I want to share with you a story. On Wednesday when I took Judah to our weekly library date he wasn't behaving very well. I was pretty frustrated and discouraged. Leaving the library I realized that I didn't have anything to make dinner that night. Im normally not this unprepared for the week but this past weekend Scott did the grocery shopping and we were missing things for our meal plan. I needed to drive to clear my heart so I drove out to whole foods. I feel like the past few weeks I've been stuck in the house with a very defiant toddler, over burdened with every one's opinion on how I should be doing things as far as raising Judah and just feeling really discouraged  and overwhelmed (it was one of those days). When we drove up to Whole Foods Judah saw the Starbucks next door and asked for a "cake pop" and "milk". I leaned down and looked at him in the eye and said "If you are a good boy, meaning if you do not touch, do not throw things and do not scream while we are in Whole Foods I will take you on a Starbucks date and give you a cake pop and some milk". While we walked into Whole Foods I had Judah repeat to me "good boy, no throw, no touch, no screaming". I walked the store looking for something for dinner that's dairy free and easy to cook. Decided to get stir fry, grabbed a fruit cup for Judah and I to share and walked to the cashiers. All the cashiers were slammed except the line in front of me. The cashier was just waiting for the lady in front of me to pay. While I was standing in line my heart just felt this intense compassion for my son, he was staring at the cashier and I was staring at the heart cowlick on top of his sweet head and was overcome with this thankfulness that this is my son. That he is my sweet boy and that he listened and behaved really well while we were at the store. When it was our turn Judah said to the cashier "No touch!" and I had to explain that he was going to get a cake pop if he didn't touch anything and she went on to tell him that he did a good job. I said well he is very curious and Judah said "Curious George!" and we laughed. Then the lady said to me "I love your cowl where did you get it!" I said actually I make them, I own an etsy store called My Charming Colors. Then I felt this tug in my heart and I said "Actually I am doing this encouraging it forward thing, where I am trying to encourage other people to go out and randomly encourage people. I will totally give this cowl to you, to encourage you if you would be willing to take a picture for my blog". She had the biggest smile on her face, tore off the old scarf she had wrapped around her neck, took the cowl and was just beaming. I snapped a quick picture and we both just started to cry. My heart needed to see that one simple act of kindness could change someones world. Could brighten their day. That one simple gift could stir up so much emotion in ones heart. 

Giving this cashier my cowl encouraged us both. 

Who have you encouraged this week? Please share your stories so we can all be encouraged by them. 

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  1. What a beautiful story!


  2. what a sweet story! loved reading this as tears welled in my eyes!


  3. Oh toddlers! I can relate all too well to feeling stuck in the house, and worrying about going out if your kid is already driving you bonkers. I had one of those days today, and at Target when I let my daughter out of her stroller she stayed close, paid attention, and took my hand when I asked her to I was in disbelief! It's amazing how your approach changes their behavior, and also seeing te things that motivate them to be good (Lorelei lives cake pops from Starbucks too). I also can relate to how amazing it feels to reach out and provide encouragement to a stranger. Not much makes you feel quite as good. You are such a kind hearted person! And I love your blog, I love how it's very "real life". Keep it up mama!

  4. Love this story, friend! Praying for so many blessings on you, Judah and Scott. <3

  5. I love this story--the cashier is just beaming in that photo! This made me smile--thanks! ;)

  6. One reason why I just love you!!! You have encouraged and inspired me to do something similar the next time the situation presents itself! Thank you!

  7. You can totally see her beaming smile - what a blessing for both of you!

  8. This is a wonderful idea! I haven't blogged about this, but I'm kind of doing something similar, sort of. Actually not, but the spirit's the same!! I live in a country where there's overwhelming, ostentatious, soul-crushing wealth along side poverty of the worst kind. And I hate seeing the rich look right through the poor and treat them like crap. So I've kind of taken it upon myself to try to do one act of giving each day. If I can. It may take the form of giving dinner to some street kids, shelter to some people whose house got damaged by flooding, or even a smile, and conversation with the type of person someone in my postion would usually look right through. It's totally a small thing, but I really believe that being good and kind top people, well that's everything. And it can change everything.

  9. Love this! I'm going to share this with my readers on FB!


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