Thursday, January 24, 2013

encouraging it forward at the library

Judah and I have weekly book dates at our library. We have been going to this library since Judah was a baby the librarians know us, one of the librarians husband actually used to play in Scott's Sunday Worship Band at church with him. We wanted to encourage the staff since they work so hard on keeping the books in order, making sure they have plenty of children's books, programs and they have a great attitude and plenty of grace for the extremely active and loud toddlers that visit their library. I thought it would be really cute if we made them some heart shaped cookies. 

Judah assisted me in cutting out the hearts. I think he thought he was the sugar cookie because he 
ended up getting flour all over the place. Including his hair. 

Toddlers + flour + water does not = good. I should have blow dried the flour out of his hair before I gave him a bath. It ended up turning into this dough mixture and I had to wash it 5x to get it out of his hair. 

I wrote "Read" and "Books" on the cookies. The librarians loved them and said they were encouraged. 

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  1. That was very sweet of you. As a librarian myself it warms my heart to see how much you appreciate your librarians.

  2. Awesome cookies!


  3. Oh, how sweet of you. Glad you had that appreciation for the librarians. That was a beautiful and encouraging thing. Love the cookies!!!


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