Sunday, December 30, 2012

your love footprint

Each year just like everyone else, I try to come up with a list of goals and resolutions for the New Year. After spending most of December trying to encourage someone each day, my heart has changed and it feels a little different about my yearly lists. Instead of focusing on checking off how much weight I can lose, spending less time on the computer, creating healthier eating habits or trying to see if I can read the whole bible in the year, my heart kept lingering on encouragement.  It kept thinking of ideas of how I can encourage others in 2013. I kept thinking of the lives that will be impacted because of the unconditional encouragement. Then I decided I want to spend 2013 encouraging as many people as possible and I want to ask you to join in with me so we can together make an even bigger impact in the lives of people  around us. To leave a love footprint.

People always talk about going green and making sure they don't leave a big carbon footprint. I want us to leave a huge love footprint, something that will last. I want to be able to encourage others through deed, service or words and let the footprints of those encouragement inspire others to do the same. 

It would be so neat to be able to look back on this blog post when my son is 12 years old and say "Judah that was the year we started the love footprint, where we made a change that impacted and encouraged the hearts of people all over the world".  

I hope this is something that we can all do together. I would love to hear how you are leaving your love footprint and encouraging others in 2013.

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  1. What an amazing idea! Helping others with a happy heart is such a good way to achieve lasting inner peace. You are really on to something! Maybe I should join you!

  2. This is so great! I feel like I don't do well being at home all the time..I just get caught up in keeping the house clean which is near impossible with two kids and the constant diapering, clothes, meals etc so I'm looking forward to starting work this month and getting back into my community.

    I work as a pharmacy tech in hospitals, and it's so easy to cheer people up and spend a little time with patients.

    Anna's going to a preschool/daycare and I hope she makes little friends and sees a world bigger than what I've been able to offer her.

    My friend is going to watch baby Iggy whenever my husband or I are at work and I'm going to be able to help her out with making a little money while staying home with her son.

    Little things like these make me happy and so ready for 2013 <3


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