Tuesday, December 11, 2012

two years

Dear Judah,

I never thought I would say "I have a two year old" and yet I can't imagine what my life was like before I had you. The day you were born I thought I couldn't love you any more than I could, that the moment your daddy put you in my arms my heart was full and still I find my heart growing and stretching to make room for all the love I have for you. Your my absolute joy, I love our little talks, how you ask me to hold you, how you ask for help, say thank you, your cuddles, crash into me hugs, when you scream you can fix it like bob the builder and when you eat something you tell me Mmmm good. 

I love reading to you and then later watching you try to read to your stuffed animals. I love playing trucks with you and teaching you how to use your imagination. I love our walks and looking for pine cones and big rocks and trying to scan the sky for airplanes. I love chasing after you and hearing you giggle.

Of course I don't like to see your tears, they break my heart. But I do like being able to cure them with a mommy hug or kiss. 

My sweet son I love seeing the little boy you are becoming over the past two years and look forward to the man you will be one day. I will celebrate who you are every day because you truly are the best gift. 

 my sweet boy I will love you always and forever

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  1. Love this. Happy birthday Judah!

  2. So sweet :) A very happy birthday to Judah!

  3. Happy Birthday Judah. that bow tie is the best!

  4. Happy Birthday to your two-year-old!! His bow-tie is adorable:)


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