Sunday, December 2, 2012

two days of encouraging others

On Saturday morning I sat with Judah and created a handful of cards for our troops. I asked him what he wanted me to draw and then he would color it. I also wrote a note in each card letting the recipient know that my 2 year old thinks they are a hero for serving our country and how much we appreciate them. Then I dressed Judah up in his cute little sailor outfit and headed over to a drop off location. 

Anyone can write encouraging cards to our troops. 
Visit A Million Thanks to find out drop off locations. 

I'm so proud of my little sailor boy for encouraging the troops. 

At first my heart wasn't really into encouraging others today. I had a weird person contact me off of craigslist and my heart was still upset with my conversation with my OB last week. But I pushed through the discouragement I was feeling and took Judah out on a 4 mile run. I had some of his colorful chalk and we wrote "sidewalk chalk encouragement" all over the neighborhood and local college campus. We wrote mini notes that said "you are loved""smile" "today will be a great day" and "you are beautiful".  I wrote them in high traffic areas so a bunch of people will be able to see them. 

The really neat thing is, while we were walking around the campus I noticed students reading the little notes and smiling, this made my heart smile. I really hope that someones day was made from reading one of these little notes. 

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  1. aww that's super sweet! how old is your son? my daughter is two but I can't see her understanding any of that yet.

  2. SO loving all of these encouraging things you are doing - especially sending cards to the troops. And I'm with Grace (above) who is amazed that Judah already gets what you all are doing... gives me encouragement to go ahead with things even before I think our boy 'gets' it. This might just be the way I want our family to celebrate Advent next year... I might not be able to do one thing every day for 24 days like you are (super momma!!) but we will try!! Thanks for the inspiration!


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