Wednesday, December 12, 2012

some of my favorites

I miss my friend Thomas, we have been friends for over ten years and right now he lives in Peru. Around this time each year I would drive into DC spend the day with him and have him cut my hair. We would also celebrate his birthday which also happens to be the same day as Judah's.

I absolutely love my friend Brooke. We met on IG two years ago and since then she has been my Thursday night Greys Anatomy text friend and just all around soul sister. I also love reading her blog she has the cutest daughter Luna and is expecting her second in February. Brooke is the soul reason why I would want a home birth, her story will bring tears to your eyes. She truly is an incredible woman. 

Here is a really cute DIY Christmas craft to do with your littles. Soft dough ornaments. I did this with Judah last year and love seeing his little hand prints up on the Christmas tree.

Looking for a great Christmas gift for that crafty person in your life.

Since I've been doing the 24 days of encouragement my friend Melissa tweeted me this link. Warning you may just cry after reading all of the encouragement. I'm also inspired to try some of these things out next month. 

My sweet friend Kendra just opened her shop. I bought one of her banners and can't wait to hang it up.

What are some of your favorites this week? Leave a comment below I would love to read them. 

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  1. That banner (you make me happy) would be so adorable in my (girl) nursery! I am so drawn to girly things so I better chill out for the next 16 weeks. But seriously. Her shop is so cute! I want it all!

    1. So you guys did find out what you are having? I thought you were going to wait :-)
      also thats the banner I got!!! I LOVE it!!!

  2. love you so much jess, words cant describe!


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