Friday, December 21, 2012

Santa! can you handle the cute

I met up with Scott at Fairoaks mall to have Judah take his picture with Santa. At first I tricked Scott into thinking Judah was going to wear a wig on Santa's lap. It was clearly to early for Judah to be into tricking daddy. 

Judah loved the fake snow! This year he was actually able to play in it. 

Our growing old boy.  He is almost 3 feet tall!

Right before you see Santa they allow each child a few minutes in this mini tunnel, its snowing and they have lights flashing like a mini rave. Judah started dancing and running around laughing. I can't wait till he experiences real snow. 

We had two more kids in front of us and Judah started screaming "SANTA! SANTA!" just like elf, he was trying to squirm out of Scott's arms and even tried to bust through the roped area to run towards Santa. Finally when it was his turn he slowly walked up to Santa and whispered "santa" and shook his hand. 

He didn't want to leave his lap. I think its safe to say Judah likes Santa. 

It was worth the crazy 45 minute wait. 
Next year we will see Santa the first week of December. 

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  1. Looks like a jolly Santa, too! Merry Christmas to you and yours. :) I have enjoyed reading your blog this year very much!

  2. love these photos Jess, what a great Santa and so glad that Judah was happy to see him and took such cute photos with him. <3

  3. so happy he yelled santa just like elf :) hope you got the awesomeness on video!

  4. Adorable pictures! He's getting so big! One of the few littles Ive seen actually like Santa

  5. This is such an extravagant Santa set-up - wow! Adorable photos :)


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