Wednesday, December 26, 2012

library book love - toddler version

We have been trying to potty train Judah and each week I check out a book that aids in potty training. I saw this book years ago before I became a mom and thought it was hysterical! I never realized how helpful it would be in potty training a toddler. This book teaches him that everyone poops and encourages him to poop on the potty. He actually calls it the "dookie" book. Yes I am that weird mom that has a "dookie song" that I made up for Judah when he was an infant that I still sing to him. 

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

This is Judah's favorite truck book of the week. I actually enjoyed reading this to him several times a day. It goes through the work day of the trucks, the book flows nicely so you don't mind reading the book over and over again. Also the illustrations are just perfect for a toddlers imagination. Judah enjoys pointing out each truck and naming them to me as they line up one by one driving into work.

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

Since I am making this a weekly post I am considering on reviewing some of the books that Judah doesn't enjoy as much. Books that don't entirely make sense to a toddler or an adult.

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  1. Sounds interesting! Very educational to the kids like Judah. Hope I can have some of them soon.

  2. I love the photo of Judah in the oversized chair :)


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