Monday, December 17, 2012

great week of encouragement

This past week of encouragement has been the best. On Judah's birthday we took him to Duncan Donuts to get his traditional donut. On the way in we noticed this guy who looked really discouraged. He was sitting on a bench and it looked like he was really upset about something. I asked him if we could buy him his donut and coffee. He smiled and said no one has done anything nice like this for him. He insisted on paying for half in which we told him we want to encourage him and wouldn't take anything. While we were getting the coffee we told the employees about what we are doing and they were so encouraged everyone behind the counter started smiling and talking at once. I'm telling you, encouraging people is contagious. 

I have a wonderful sweet blogger mom friend Jess. She has really been on my heart for a few weeks and I decided to make her a mustard yellow super slouch hat and mail it to her with an encouraging note. 

We stopped by a local nursing home and dropped off a handful of homemade cards from Judah. I think next time we encourage a nursing home I am going to call ahead of time and find out who needs the most encouragement to make it a bit more personalized. I just felt like some people get lost in the crowd and really want to be able to make an impact on someones heart. 

Thursday was my nephews school play. So we stopped by the grocery store and picked up flowers for my nieces and apples for my nephews. 

On Friday we were supposed to encourage the trash-men. But they showed up super early and we missed them! I knew I had to go to the post office to mail some orders and one of my IG mama friends Andy gifted me a Starbucks card. So I stopped by Starbucks and picked up a bunch of coffees for the post office staff. When we arrived the line was out the door, the staff looked really discouraged, I explained that I wasn't cutting anyone in line I just had to drop something off first and walked up to the counter. The staff was so encouraged! They even cheered for us in the back room. 

Sunday I called the Fairfax Fire Department and asked them if we could drop off some freshly baked blueberry muffins for them. They were excited and said come on by. 

They were so nice! They bent down and spoke to Judah as he gave him their muffins then gave Judah the grand tour of the firehouse. Showing him each fire truck, ambulance and even showed him where they store the ladders in the truck. I'm not sure who was more encouraged Judah or the firemen. 

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  2. Just reading these makes me day! You are awesome and teaching Judah invaluable lessons about life!

  3. This post is just wonderful! You and your son are so encouraging and inspirational!

  4. I love that you're doing this and teaching your sweet son what giving looks like. It's going to be second nature to him when he's Sebastian's age! I've found your tweets about these activities really encouraging, especially with the sadness lingering from last week. Well done, mama.


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