Thursday, December 20, 2012

give a little love

 Judah and myself were in tears a few times today. It started off normal. I dressed him up in a super cute outfit, had him scream Santa to me several times (I trained him to scream Santa like elf) and drove him out to the Dulles Town Center to take a picture with Santa. Scott wasn't able to make it because he had a last minute work meeting. I figured, I can do this, I can get Judah to scream Santa and take pictures and video tape him at the same time, no problem. When we arrived the line wasn't to long. I had Judah in his push car and gave him his mixer truck to play with. A boy about his age walks through the fenced off area, his eyes glued to Judah's toy ran over and tried to grab it from him. I moved Judah out of the way so the boy wouldn't take my sons toy. The mom finally scooped up her kid after his third attempt of trying to take Judah's toy. She then turned to me and called me a bitc*. I was pretty shocked, she was holding her kid and maybe 20 other kids were around us. I said "I'm sorry, I don't want strange kids grabbing my sons toys especially if they look like they are sick. How do you know I don't have an auto immune disease like cancer and I am trying to stay safe and not get sick, please be a bit more gracious" (I do not know why I said this, I think I was just shocked that she was upset with me and had no idea what kind of background I came from) she then said "I hope you do have cancer and I hope you die". I started to cry and left the line. I was going to just cool off take Judah to Chick Fil A and try again to take a picture with Santa after the lady had left, but realized I left my wallet at home, so tearfully we took off. 

When we were driving home I thought. I am not going to let this woman steal my joy. She was mean, and she said some cruel things. I am going to show my son how to give love. We drove home to pick up my wallet then drove over to Duncan Donuts. We bought two boxes for the Fairfax Police Station. The entire time I was telling Judah "these are for the police, they help us and they are nice. They work really hard to keep us safe so we are going to say thank you and give them some treats". He was really excited and pointed out which donuts he wanted to give away. 

We arrive at the police station. They were really nice and seemed pretty busy. They loved that Judah was dressed up and loved his sweet smile as he tried to hand them over the donuts. 

We ended up running some errands afterwards and bumping into a few more mean people that left either Judah or myself in tears. But in spite of all the tears, forgetting my wallet, being yelled at, being called a bitc*, being told that someone wishes I would die or that I'm essentially not a good mom because Judah screamed for a lollipop in line.  I think what matters is hugging my son when he cried, showing him that its okay even though other people are not treating us okay, showing him how to love and encourage others even when we don't feel loved on very much by strangers, that it's better to be the encourager and not the hater, that people have bad days and sometimes it's okay to share your donuts with the police department. 

I hope Judah remembers that we gave a little love today and forgets that complete strangers tried to hurt our hearts. I hope his little heart was encouraged and that the police officers were encouraged as well. 

Its so stressful the days leading up to Christmas, please give a little love a little encouragement, you never know who needs it. Judah and I sure needed a smile or some encouragement today from a stranger. 

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  1. What an awful day. Glad you got through it and showed your little man how to be kind to others. I find the closer we get to the holiday the snappier people get at complete strangers.

  2. i am so sorry lady! so glad you found some meaning in the day and could pay it forward though!

    i have LOVED following your random acts! you two are such an inspiration - i am tucking some ideas away to add to our bucket list for the winter!

    ps, could your son be any more adorable??

  3. Jeeeeeeez. I can't even believe this! A week before Christmas and people are saying they hope you die? Real nice. REAL NICE, HUMANITY. I don't know how you didn't just punch her in the face! That's obviously the only answer to something like that ;]]

    Well, you at least know you're doing good work in the eyes of God when satan is all about stopping you anyway he can. You're amazing and you need to know that. Forget about the couple of people who hurt you on this day and remember all of the people that YOU HAVE ENCOURAGED. And be encouraged.

    I still can't get over Judah's adorableness in that outfit! Such a little charmer!

  4. Holy shit, what a horrible human being! I'm so sorry you had to deal with such a psycho. :( I always admire your positivity in the face of rude people. <3

  5. I just came across your blog from Smile and Wave. I am so sorry that someone was so cruel to you. You handled it much better than I would. My mom has taught me during the holidays to treat people with kindness and smiles. I try to teach my kids this too. It is still hard though to have people react to you so cruel though. I hope you have a great day. Also I absolutely love your blog.

  6. what a weirdo!! I probably would have said something mean, but really I feels sorry for her poor son having some nasty women as his mother. If that was how she treats strangers, I can't imagine how she treats family :(

  7. Oh my goodness! This is awful! I can't believe that woman said those things to you! I am so sorry! I would have had a complete breakdown! Glad you didn't let it ruin you and your sons day!]

  8. What a miserable human being. I am so sorry she treated you like that, but I am glad you were able to get past it she is obviously not a very happy person and misery loves company. She's just lucky she said it to someone that just got upset and didn't do anything to her. There are crazy people in this world people need to remember that. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  9. Holy!! I can't believe that woman! I'm glad you were able to make the best of the day and still bring donuts to the station. He looks adorable all dressed up!


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