Tuesday, December 4, 2012

encouraging those that serve us

Yesterday Judah and I baked non dairy chocolate chip cookies and placed them into mini Santa bags for our post office friends. We have been going to the same post office at least twice a week since Judah was 7 months. The employees are our friends, they love Judah and they always say encouraging things to us and on occasion give Judah toys or stickers. I've gotten to know some of them and found out that Richard is dairy free and is bummed that he can't eat most cookies. We arrived ten minutes before the office was about to close for the day, the line was out the door and it took us 30 mins to get to the front counter, but it was all worth it to see my cheesy smiling son hand over bags of cookies and say "hi friends!". The workers faces just lit up and Richard said we made their day. 

Today our encouragement tag said we were to go to a park and pick up all the trash. Scott's truck didn't start so he took my car into work today. Judah and walked all over our neighborhood and park looking for trash but couldn't find any. 

When we arrived home I heard the trash truck down the street. I figured lets encourage the trash men today! So I put a bunch of mini donuts in a plastic container, grabbed a handful of candy canes and wrote out a note letting the trash men know that we appreciate them. While we were waiting for them I had Judah draw on the note as well. (He also managed to get his head stuck in my railings! I am raising a boy)

Once the trash men arrived I walked Judah over. He kept saying "wow truck! wow wow wow" The guys were really excited to get a mid day treat and special note from Judah. I told them about our little encouragement project and we will have another treat for them in just a few weeks. They posed for a picture and honked their horn and waved bye as they left. I'm not sure who was more encouraged, the trash men or my son who got to speak to some trash men today. 

Here is our list of daily encouragement for the month of December. Let me know if you decide to join in the fun and encourage someone this month. 

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  1. I LOVE this project so much!!!!!! Judah is sooo stinkin cute!!

  2. We planned on making treats for our mail lady and the kids bus drivers but never thought of the trash guys

  3. This project makes my heart smile. You guys are wonderful! The world would be so lucky to have more of this and you :)

  4. this is awesome Jess!! You are such a wonderful example.


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